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Kate Middleton’s Earrings and other Masterpieces from Robinson Pelham Jewellers

The Royal Wedding has passed but the solemn event continues to arouse keen interest. Surely it is needless to say that each detail in the appearance of the bride made this day a bit more special. Pay attention to the beautiful diamond earrings which Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore to this great day. The sophisticated jewelry was the present of her parents. The earrings were made as the bespoke commission of Robinson Pelham Jewellers Ltd Company which is known for intricate and fascinating design encouraging subtle lifestyle.

Diamond set earrings worn by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day

As the basis of the concept for the earrings the oak tree was chosen. The design was inspired by the family’s new coat of arms. It combines acorns and oak leaves. I should say the little acorns are zests of those beautiful earrings. They perfectly suit Cartier Halo tiara lent to the young bride by the Queen for the wedding day. Of course there’s some special thrill in the royal jewelry. Read More »

Masterpieces Inspired by Yoga from Satya Jewelry

Jewelry can perform not only the function of visual pleasure and the indicator of wealth. Sometimes special design inspires person’s spiritual world helping to relax or may be even revealing some hidden sides of the soul. Satya collection from Satya and Beth is just an excellent example. Two friends created a bit mystic jewelry combining elegance and simplicity. They were inspired by long travels at the Eastern countries and communicating with different cultures.

Bedrock Gold Necklace

Yoga inspired collection is full of meaning. The designers used semi-precious gems, such as garnet, sapphire or tourmaline combined with gold and sterling. These materials are known to have specific metaphysical, spiritual or energy healing properties. Be sure that this collection will create a special mood encouraging the inner sphere and involving you into the world of tranquility and harmony. Evoke the realm of the divine through the mysteries of life. Read More »

Amazing Men’s Pendants from Jason Arasheben

Father’s Day is just around the corner. By the way Jason Arasheben offers a delightful collection of pendants for Men. Masterpieces from Jason of Beverly Hills jewelry house have always been popular among celebrities. For example, a few days ago Justin Bieber bought a luxurious pendant of Stewie Griffin, the cartoon character from The Family Guy.

Rose Gold White Diamond Double Bullet Pendant

Men’s pendants from Jason Arasheben are made of gold and diamonds of the highest quality. Perhaps for someone, this collection of jewelry pieces will seem too frivolous. But believe it is now just in fashion. And be careful, these pendants could hit your wallet. Read More »

Naturally Unique Engagement Rings with Rough Diamond

Nowadays there are more and more brides who love the bold things. Perfect engagement ring of course must be one of a kind. There are a limited number of techniques to cut gems. But if the gem is faceted with nature, it is truly unique stone. If you agree with this statement then perhaps you will be interested in a Bridal Boutique collection from Diamond in the Rough.

Unity Engagement Ring made Of Platinum and Black Rough Diamond

Rough diamonds is one of the most exciting modern trends in jewelry. Engagement rings from Bridal Boutique collections are made of 18K gold or platinum paved with small diamonds and delightful rough diamond. Read More »

Sweet Lollipops Full of Hope by Simone I. Smith

Jewelry pieces are created to gladden sight. Sophisticated combination of precious metals and stones made by skilled craftsmen of course will be very attractive. But since ancient times in many cultures were known birthstones. These stones were talismans corresponding to the time of birth. Talisman can enhance a person’s ability, attracts positive influences and protects the human of unwanted effects.

Garnet Lollipop - January Birthstone

Simone I. Smith offers a very special jewelry. “A Sweet Touch of Hope” project consist of two collections of pendants: Crystal Lollipops and Jeweled Enamel Lollipops. Pendants in the form of lollipops are made of sterling silver coated with 18K yellow gold and adorned with birthstones crystals or enamel. Mascots from these collections will not only help to protect you but also will help people with cancer. 10% of the purchase price is donated to the American Cancer Society. Read More »

Extraordinary Jewelry for Peculiar Moods by Bjorg

Often we try to achieve harmony between our inner world and appearance. Without using words it can be very difficult. Norwegian designer Bjorg offers a very interesting idea. Necklaces, pendants, rings, cufflinks and earrings from the Moods collection are decorated by expressions with different meanings. Each of these jewelry masterpieces made of 925 silver; some of them are gold-plated and decorated with diamonds.

the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return pendant by Bjorg

Bjorg has grown among the arctic nature, the girl was happy with bright sunny days and chilly winter evenings in Norway. She had a lot of travel and communication with other cultures may therefore her jewelry collections are filled with life, passion and emotion. I think everyone can find a desired mood in this collection. Read More »

Trendy Jewelry with Skulls by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton wedding dress was made by Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton. Brand keeps on pleasing us by a delightful collection of clothing and accessories despite the loss of a genius designer and leader of the company Alexander McQueen. Charming jewelry pieces made of silver, brass and Swarovski crystals. Some of them are covered with anti-allergic gold or silver finish.

shiny gold twin skull ring by Alexander McQueen

In the entire line of jewelry you can see symbols of skulls. You should not be afraid of them. Skull theme appeared on the podium a few years ago. This eternal symbol of death was more than once used by the English rebel Vivienne Westwood, the American brand Ed Hardy and Andrew Mackenzie. Skull attracts views and adds fatal charm to your appearance. Read More »

Dropping Jewelry by Jung Ee Eun

Design idea does not stand still. South Korean jewelry brand Jung Ee Eun is founded by young designers from Seoul. Despite the youth, Jung Ee Eun due unusual collections has quickly gained popularity around the world.

Dropping stone pendant -  tektite stone

One of these collections is called Droppings, all jewelry pieces are melting like drops. Designers were inspired by the effect of a candle melting. Rings and pendants look like the precious wax drops slowly trickles down and solidify at half way. Jewelry from the Droppings collection are made of silver and covered with 18-karat yellow gold. As precious stones were used quartz and tektite. Read More »

Cobalt Bridal Rings for Men by Scott Kay

Men’s bridal jewelry made of unconventional metals is contemporary trend. We are already familiar with rings made of titanium and tungsten. Scott Kay offers Cobalt Wedding Ring Collections.

Cobalt Bridal Rings for Man by Scott Kay

Cobalt is a very interesting chemical element. Cobalt oxide was used in ancient Egypt, Babylon, China, for coloring glass and enamels in blue. In the 17th century steelmakers believed that the toxic smoke which is released during the roasting of some ores was a trick of Kobold (from the German Kobold – brownie, dwarf). Cobalt has been discovered by Swedish chemist Georg Brandt in 1735. Nowadays Cobalt is traditionally used to improve the mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of various alloys and tools. For the production of jewelry Scott Kay uses BioBlu™ 27 (non-magnetic cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy), the world’s most superior contemporary metal. Rings made of this metal are full of strength and beauty and they will be a strong symbol of eternal love for ever. The collection features eight different styles, each representative of different qualities. Read More »

Fascinating Pendants from Seasonal Line by Tomas Sabo

Dear ladies are you tired of wearing boring pendants? I think a couple of fresh and bright pendants from Tomas Sabo will be very timely especially because hot summer is just around the corner.

Peace Symbol and VW bus Pendants, Sterling silver, Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo offers handcrafted jewelry made of sterling silver and zirconia. Jewelry pieces from Seasonal line are full of fun, bright and positive emotions, they will leave no one indifferent. Any one of these cute pendants will surely be a great addition to your summer fashion Rabbits, butterflies, dragonflies, hearts, strawberries and many other funny symbols made of sterling silver and zirconium will become an indispensable decoration for a fun summer vacation. Read More »