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Love is on the inside – Handcrafted Wedding Bands

The wedding is a fountain of positive emotions. Love is something that is not the strength of any science. Rings are integral part of the wedding ceremony. Each couple tries to find the perfect one. In today’s market of jewelry you can find all sorts of wedding ideas. But there are defined standards for Wedding Jewelry. Of course you can choose any ring, because the main thing is your feelings. But if you want to choose a modern classic wedding band, then pay attention to works of this artisan.

Love is on the inside - 14kt white and 14kt rose gold wedding set

Rings made by Jesse Danger are filled with simplicity, functionality, modern lines and curves, and a touch of imagination. Feature of Love is on the inside collection in a delightful combination of two types of metal. Handcrafted wedding bands delivered in an elegant package. Read More »

Adorable Мother’s Day Jewelry by Tous

Most countries in the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May. This day is an excellent opportunity to impress your mother with a gift. Honestly, do we need a reason to make a gift to mom? Whole our life is a reason to make such gifts.

For Mom Mother´s Day 2011 adaptable pendant by TOUS, Sterling silver

Do you already have a gift idea? Tous produced an excellent collection of jewelry for Mother’s Day 2011. Gentle pendants, rings, bracelets and cuff are made of sterling silver or 18K yellow gold. Jewelry masterpieces engraved with various calling of the child to his mother and figures of boys and girls. Read More »

Computer Key Jewelry – Especially for Geeks and Mac Lovers

Computers are integral part of modern life. Especially for those people who use the Internet. And what about geeks and fans of different brands like Apple? In general, an informatization of society evolving at an exponential rate. So do not be surprised when you see the jewelry made in the computer theme. Designers from Creative Dexterity produce such kind of jewelry.

Silver Command Key, Computer Key Necklace by Creative Dexterity

Rings, necklaces, tie pins and cufflinks are made of sterling silver. Each of the jewelry pieces are made as button of Apple keyboard and keys as you know is not a few. Read More »

Crocheted Jewelry by Shingo Matsushita

It’s amazing! Shingo Matsushita creates his jewelry with crochet! He founded his jewelry business in 2003 after having already worked hairdresser and stylist. Design of collections by Shingo Matsushita does not have specific laws. These jewelry pieces with crocheted elements are full of sophisticated simplicity. Only few characteristic features like huge variety of colors and the absence of sharp corners.

Crocheted Bracelet by Shingo Matsushita, pearl, silk, silver

Fancy circles of various sizes reminiscent the ripples on the water. Elegant combination of pearls, silver and gold threads make this Jewelry really attractive. Exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces by Shingo Matsushita. Read More »

Extraordinary Jewelry from Gala Curios

Interesting combination of contemporary sculptural textiles with surfaces of traditional Japanese origami and folds. Charming combination of leather and gilded hypoallergenic metal. Elements of the collections by Gala Curios project cause very mixed feelings. On the one hand, large and rough forms of gilded metal, but on the other hand, soft leather folds.

Frilled Nude Cuff by GALA Curios

GALA Curios is solo jewelry project by Sydney-based designer, Jasmine O’Loughlin. Label’s name speaks for itself. Gala is adjective means festive, celebratory and curio is a noun that mean rare or unusual object. Jasmine O’Loughlin is very versatile jeweler. She works equally well with leather and metal. Read More »

Tasty Dried Fruit Jewelry Ideas by Cathy Wu

Can you guess from what materials these jewelry are made without reading the title? It’s amazing how far from standards can be an idea of contemporary designer. Cathy Wu offers to use dried fruit instead of gems on the rings and necklaces. Cathy Wu is young designer from Texas, now teaching assistantship in Évreux, France.

Dried Beet Ring by Cathy Wu

Rings and necklaces made of silver and adorned with beet, apple, plum, orange, pear and potato. Decide how easy to operate with this jewelry for yourself. But if you have prepared sufficient number of such jewelry during the summer you’ll be all winter with vitamins. Read More »

Leone Collection by Ashley Morgan and Yael Designs

Republic of Sierra Leone is commonwealth in West Africa. Sierra Leone is rich in mineral resources despite the fact that it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Ashley Morgan and Yael Designs are two renowned fine jewelry designers. They have created this collection being inspired with nature beauty and royal spirit of Lion Mountain (Sierra Leone means Lion Mountain in Portuguese).

Ring from Sierra Leone collection by Ashley Morgan and Yael Designs

Rings, earrings and necklaces are made with 18K gold, Japanese seed pearls, black and white diamonds. Two percent of the profits will be donated to build primary school in southern part of Sierra Leone. This has a special meaning, because this country was under the negative impact of diamond trade industry for a long time. Read More »

Exquisite handcrafted jewelry by David Neale

It’s always nice to look at jewelry pieces that were never seen before. I mean rings, earrings and other classic jewelry elements which not designed by standard templates. Jewelry pieces that contain own style of artisan. David Neale is one of such masters.

Eyes Cuff, Brass Cuff, David Neale Jewellery

David Neale Jewellery based in Melbourne, Australia. Jewelry masterpieces created by David handcrafted from sterling silver and gold. Rings, earrings, bracelets, they are all filled with unique elegance and simplicity. Jewelry pieces by David Neale exude some kind of a special spirit of freedom. You certainly will be happy with this purchase. Read More »

Handcrafted Wedding Bands Ideas

Wedding ring is a kind of symbol of the next phase in the life of every human being. Of course each of us tries to make its own pair of wedding rings to be the ideal one. The easiest way out is to accumulate more money and buy rings from the well-known bridal collection of well-known jewelry brand. Think how many thousands of these rings are produced in a year?


The features of handcrafted rings are in their uniqueness. Maybe the artisan is not able to achieve such a perfect alloy like factory can do. Perhaps pattern of the rings will be a little bit different. But these rings will contain a piece of soul because they are made by human hands and because they are made especially for you. Read More »

Panthera – Offensive Jewelry from Jack Vartanian

Inspired by serpentine beauty of previous collection Jack Vartanian continues creating jewelry with spirit of predatory beasts. New collection called Panthera.

Leopard Ring in 18K yellow gold with black diamonds by Jack Vartanian

Offensive jewelry pieces designed in forms of leopard, scorpions and spiders. Dangerous elegance especially interesting in pieces made with black rhodium. Masterpieces from Panthera collection are made of 18K gold, some of them inlaid with black diamonds. It’s a pity that there no hi quality pictures of all these gorgeous jewelry collection. But anyway it is worth to be seen.

P.S. During the April 2011 10% of received money will be donated to Panthera. Read More »