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Shining earrings from island of Murano

Murano is the Island with world-famous glass production. Murano glass has always attracted tourists visiting Venice. Nowadays it is not necessary to go so far to get the jewelry from Murano glass. Earrings made from Murano glass are like frozen in time and space sun’s rays.

Glass Antica Murrina Glace Earrings from Murano Jewellery

Glass Earrings by Murano masters is admirable handcrafted jewelry pieces. Murano glass earrings have a huge variety of colors, shades and textures, thanks to the using of various techniques. Modern designers, perfecting the tradition of Italian craftsmen, successfully brought to the technique of an ancient craft their own fresh solutions, making earrings to sparkle with new unexpected colors. Read More »

Test Your Imagination with Magnetic Necklace

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that has no definite form and allows its owner to use maximum of imagination and ingenuity to create it? Stix+Stones was created by Brandon Perhacs from Lichen Studio. Interesting necklace consists of two basic elements: steel sticks – «Stix» and balls – «Stones». The secret of these “controlled” elements in magnetism, which enables the owner to manage the jewelry configuration and add a variety of shapes.

Stix+Stones necklace

The owner of Stix+Stones can easily play with the forms, elements, symmetry giving the necklace new unique look every day. Extraordinary jewelry masterpiece consists from brushed stainless steel, silicone and magnets. Read More »

From Punk to Disney with Tom Binns

Tom Binns is one of the hottest designers of our time. Irish descent, now living in California, he participated in the “Punk Couture”. In the heyday of punk culture, Tom Binns has collaborated with such legendary personalities like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. The basis of jewelry design by Tom Binns is full of unusual artistic design and incredible combination of luxury and kitsch.

Tom Binns masterpiece

Tom Binns, also, has collaborated with Disney Couture; they created a magnificent jewelry collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Tom Binns creates jewelry pieces inspired with a Rock and Roll theme, for example, he created a series of jewelry with skulls. Many of the masterpieces by Tom Binns look very surrealistic and defiant but that is the spirit of punk culture. Read More »

Winners of International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards

It’s already happened lots of interesting events at Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. One of these events was announcement of International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards winners. The winner of the biennial International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) Award’s “Champion of the Champions” is Russian designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov. He presented a magnificent pendant Bullfinches. In 2002 Mr. Fazulzyanov received the prestigious first prize in the contest “Golden constellation” in the “Treasure Idea”.

Bullfinches by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, Champion of the Champions

Bullfinches by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, Champion of the Champions

The winner of Innovation and Uniqueness in Design Award is Kristen Malan from South Africa. He presented extraordinary Molecular Truth bracelet. Shuk Mei Chu from Hong Kong became a winner of Aesthetic Award with Up and Down jewelry ring. Read More »

Wedding Rings by Donna Distefano

Donna Distefano is one of the leading designers of wedding rings. Her shining engagement rings repeatedly appeared in America’s leading bridal publications. Jewelry pieces by Donna Distefano differ from every other jewelry because they are crafted only with precious stones which were processed without harm to the environment.

Garland, 18k yellow gold

Garland, 18k yellow gold

Fair Trade certification assigned to products by Donna Distefano confirms that jewelry was made by hand in a New York workshop of the company using environmentally friendly cleaning technologies, processing and metal recycling. Breathtaking wedding rings from Donna Distefano will adorn your union forever. Wedding rings are made of white and yellow 18K gold some of them incrusted with diamonds. Read More »

Environmentally friendly jewelry

One of the most environmentally friendly jewelry offer Cometman and Kokeya – well known distributor of plants. These rings crafted from a single piece of bubinga wood, the main jewel of which is a real moss and plants.

Karin-Fleshy Plant Ring by cometman and kokeya

Massiveness of the forms and angularity of the lines may disappoint fans of luxury jewelry, but the developers of these rings did not want to create conventional jewelry pieces. Their purpose was to create jewelry piece of a Japanese gardens of Kyoto, ideal for contemplation. These rings combine all the criteria of Japanese beauty. The lucky owners of these full of natural beauty rings will have to take care of the watering. Read More »

Glorious iPhone 4 by Stuart Hughes

The Exclusive iPhone 4 Billionaire Toys is a new product from the British designer Stuart Hughes. At this time the jeweler offers luxury gadget in platinum and gold which is encrusted with the most expensive Swarovski crystals.

iPhone 4 BILLIONAIRE TOYS Gold edition

iPhone 4 BILLIONAIRE TOYS Gold edition

iPhone 4 with 32GB memory obtained body made with 24-carat gold or platinum, edge of the Billionaire Toy incrusted with Swarovski crystals(total number of 500 pieces). The Apple logo consists of 53 crystals. The exclusive phone equipped with luxury headphones, depending on phone they can be made of gold or platinum and decorated with Swarovski crystals. The Exclusive iPhone 4 Billionaire Toys will be released a limited edition (1000 copies). Read More »

The Gemstone 2 collection from Kara Ross

Kara Ross has presented second Gemstone collection. Adorable faceted rings in original architectural style do not look like anything else. Large but graceful bracelets will look perfect even on the most delicate wrists. Breathtaking earrings with strong and sophisticated silhouettes will be a charming addition to the clothes with same silhouettes.

Kara Ross Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Unique design ideas from Kara Ross always transcend trends and seasons. Masterpieces of the Gemstone 2 collection can be divided into three groups: turquoise, red coral and mother-of-pearl. All jewelry pieces are made with sterling silver and 18k gold some of them decorated with coral, sapphires, and mother of pearl. Read More »

Memo Ring – Jewelry for Romantic Geeks

A delightful gift box hints at a romantic surprise inside. Maybe it is a ring? Yes it is a ring, but it’s not just a piece of jewelry. Actually Memo Ring is USB flash memory for Win/Mac – with LED and capacity 2GB. Memo Ring has many ways to use.

Memo Ring by Gung

I wonder whether there any crazy geeks that will make offer to the girl with this ring. In any case Memo Ring is a great stylish gift in a stunning package. Ring made with plastic and available in three colors: pink, yellow and glitter. I bet some of your memories are much more expensive than diamonds. Read More »

Adorable Afleuress collection by Tacori

Tacori – American jewelry brand has existed for over 35 years. This brand specializes in creating wedding jewelry and wedding rings. Besides the wedding, under the brand Tacori also produced a collection of fine jewelry. Masterpieces of Afleuress collection available in 18K white, yellow or rose gold, as well as platinum.

Gracefully bracelet from the Afleuress collection by Tacori

Diamond-shaped pendants feature flowering crescent blossoms that intertwine and multiply for movement that captures light and beauty for the ultimate allure. Sweet and flirty diamond details of earrings make them special for drama and glamour. Bracelets full of diamonds shine multiplying into a dazzling, two-tone creation that will match both your pink and white gold jewelry and drape across your skin like silk. Read More »