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Charming Shark Jewelry by Balenciaga

Balenciaga is one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Its products are unique and inimitable. History of Balenciaga began in the 1914 in Spain with the onset of the career of a young fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Balenciaga jewelry cannot be accused for excessive pathos.

Shark Bracelet Obsidian by Balenciaga

This unusual collection of jewelry pieces with elements in the form of shark teeth is inspired by Runway Show jewelry. Shark Masterpieces are made with precious stones such as: Obsidian, Pyrite and Dentrite. Main feature of this collection is the play of contrasted materials. Jewelry pieces full of graceful and predatory by Balenciaga. Read More »

Top 7 jewelry armoire – Hayneedle customers’ choice

How to store your jewelry and watches with comfort and safety? There is a great idea to use jewelry armoire. Some of them look like a mirror, some look like boxes. In any form they are quite elegant and luxurious. For example tri-fold Photo Frame & Mirror Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire looks like adorable photo frame where you can post pictures of various sizes. When open the door with photos you’ll find a full-length mirror and an elegant set of various devices for holding your jewelry.

Mirrored Cinema Jewelry Armoire

Mirrored Cinema Jewelry Armoire can help you to add some glamour to the boudoir. It is distinguished by fashionable mirrors and breathtaking glass finish. Each of these skillfully made jewelry armoires has its own style and features. Read More »

Timepieces inspired by Feng Shui from Voila

In honor of its ninth anniversary watchmaker’s house Voila released stunning timepieces collection, which received the name Collection # 9. The creators of this collection were inspired by Chinese Feng Shui. Therefore watches from this collection should be charged with positive energy.

black timepiece Collection # 9 by Voila

Each model from the Collection # 9 by Voila made in the form “Eight” with two perfectly balanced watch faces. The upper dial is designed to display the local time, while the bottom can show any other time zone you like. The watch case and bezel are made with surgical grade stainless steel and set with sapphires totaling 0.50 carats or 1.12 carats. Collection # 9 will be presented this month at Baselworld 2011. Read More »

Masculine Pendants made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

What could be more abruptly titanium pendant in the form of aviation turbine? It even whistles like the real one. Titanium pendant VX-TURBINE is a fully functioning tri-blade, 30-part turbine assembly. Pendant combines sophisticated forms and sculptural surfacing that allows expanding the border processing of products. Thanks to 5-axis machining, three titanium turbine blades are accelerated through a specially designed air channels.

Rogue VX-Turbine, pendants made with Mil-Spec G-5 Aerospace-Grade Titainium 2

Titanium pendant B2-SPARROW produced by technology 5-axis machining with high precision and has secondary movable wings with an interesting visual effect. Titanium pendant PEACEMAKER was created using combination of 5-axis and 3-axis machining. Each modular wing-unit of the Peacemaker takes more than 8 hours of machine time to complete. Titanium pendant BLOCKER composed of two pieces with Rogue DZN logo. 3-axis machining has tolerances of less than 2 thousandth of an inch. Each of these pendants has a unique serial number and is an exclusive jewelry by Rogue DZN. Read More »

Occult Octopus Jewelry by Elaine Tan

Light and elegant jewelry of the resin are presented under the brand Amado Gudek. Artist Elaine Tan is the creator and brand manager of Amado Gudek. Elaine bagged the top student award for her academic achievements in Fashion Marketing at Raffles Design Institute in 2009. Main feature of Amado Gudek is the blending of elements of nature with strange behavior texture and symbolic play of colors. Each of these nature inspired jewelry pieces handcrafted from the resin.

Occult Octopus Jewelry by Elaine Tan

“My second collection is built around the concept of an occult octopus. I focused on the sinuous curves of the octopus arms (commonly mistaken as tentacles) and the suction cups on the arms. Some of the pieces are made in mysterious colours of gold, black, white, while some others are made in magical colours of ice, mandarin amber and sea amethyst. My intention was to convey the tension between its dark nature to surreptitiously hide from predators, and its seemingly magical abilities of distinguishing the polarisation of light. Such a powerful sea creature I had to do a collection on it!” Read More »

Precious Mouse made with White Gold and set with Brilliant Diamonds

Luxury and glamour penetrated into all sorts of things. Computer accessories are no exception. High-end mice from Razer and Logitec probably full of envy. But what can I say, the price of this mouse several times more than the price of the latest top rated desktop computer.

Diamond Flower RF, jewelry mouse set with diamonds by Pat Says Now

Swiss company Pat Says Now offers modern mouse Diamond Flower RF. Exclusive toy cast from 18K white gold and set with 59 brilliants. This jewelry piece is wireless laser mouse with 1200 dpi optical sensor, 2 AAA batteries and USB connection suitable for PC and Mac. If you are looking for a truly unique gift, and not too strapped for cash then this is an excellent choice. Read More »

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson

In a stuffy and gray megalopolis hidden from the sun by huge skyscrapers sometimes we want to relax our look on the simple and natural things – young greens, sweet-smelling aroma of spring, delicate flowers. Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson offers a creative solution for the dandies – to grow greenery on your own hands!

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Definitely none of your friends will have a ring which requires regular watering so it is good chance to make a stylish and unusual gift. Massive forms undoubtedly make the pieces of Growing Jewelry collection looks like a bright and stylish accessory, especially if you remember that gray-green colors now in vogue. Jewelry pieces handcrafted in Iceland and made out of silver. Read More »

Romantic Oak jewelry from Richmond Park collection

Walking through the woods of Richmond Park within London you can find an acorn. The day will come and acorn will grow into a huge mighty oak. Richmond Park collection of jewelry pieces embodies a sense of infinity and heredity. Each masterpiece is handcrafted with 18ct ethical gold, celebrating high quality British craftsmanship. Oak emphasizes grace and luxury of adorable jewelry that can be worn for generations. Flawless and romantic Richmond Park collection will fascinate everyone.

Richmond Park

The day we went to Richmond Park was the day we found the Treasured Tree. I knew I had fallen for you. I will always remember. If only trees could talk. Read More »

Platonic and Eraser Rings by Balance Wu Design

Gems faceting is very difficult task. What forms of stone you would like to see on your ring? An interesting idea offered by Balance Wu Design. Create your own ring. This design idea combined the ring and eraser.

Eraser+ing, eraser and ring by Balance Wu Design

Take this ring then give it a rub to change its size and shape and make your own special ring. Variety of colors and material makes Eraser+ing really interesting. Read More »

Concrete rings in urban style

It’s really amazing. Cement can be used in jewelry! 22designstudio inspired by urban life and city architecture has created interesting collection of rings. They used high-density cement and stainless steel as the main materials for these rings.

Humanity concrete ring by 22designstudio


22designstudio was founded by Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng, who graduated from the Industrial Design Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. They named the studio 22 to keep the passion and ideals since they were 22. Each of the rings is full of symbolism, for example “Corner” ring with unexpected angle reminds the owner that at every turn he can found a pleasant surprise. According to the designers this ring generates a desire to know what lurks out there – beyond the pass. Read More »