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Steampunk Rings with mechanical clockwork inside

Steampunk jewelry pieces are interesting find for lovers of antique and vintage styles. Extraordinary rings are handcrafted by master of steampunk jewelry. The name of artisan is Daniel Proulx. He is making steampunk masterpieces since 2008. This time he presents interesting collection of rings.

Steampunk Rings with Watch Movement

Each ring has moving clockwork instead of the gems. Ring base sit comfortably are made using wire and fit comfortable. Extraordinary and attractive pieces of jewelry are the result of mixing the rings with original design and working clock mechanism. The rings are not adjustable but Daniel can make custom size on request. These steampunk jewelry pieces are full of Victorian elegance. Read More »

Hourglass with gold plated nanoballs by Marc Newson

Watches can be considered as jewelry, if they are made with precious materials. Usually these words bring to mind wristwatch with a gold strap and attractive face. Industrial designer Marc Newson offers Ikepod Hourglass. The heart of clockwork is stainless steel yellow gold plated nanoballs.

HGS80 Ikepod Hourglass yellow gold plated nanoballs

Ikepod Hourglass HGS80 is 60 minutes timer able to deliver an aesthetic delight to anyone. The younger model HGSS80 is 10 minutes timer can also enchant connoisseurs of beauty. There are three more models of Ikepod Hourglass in which nanoballs plated with copper, nickel and black. Gold is expensive, diamonds are even more expensive and time is priceless. Read More »

Contemporary Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro

Declaration of love is probably the first strong romantic experience of anyone. The most powerful experience of romantic experiences is moment when man make offer to his beloved. This unusual ring is full of romance so it is suitable for any event.

Contemporary Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro

Amor, ever, kiss, love and it’s not all of the words that this ring can demonstrate. Four discs with the symbols will give your imagination a chance to test its ability. Contemporary and simple love ring made from sterling silver by Natalia Gomensoro. Adorable love this ring is handmade and it’s available for both men and women. Read More »

Interesting Crocodile Ring

You may have encountered a lot of things with crocodile leather texture. Now the crocodile leather can be found even in the rings. AZ offers “CROCODILE” ring. The design idea is dangerous and at the same time glamorous. Elegant jewelry piece made in Japan from sterling silver.

Crocodile Ring

Ring is available in three colors including silver, polished silver and black. Rings already available for a preorder and will be available in May. This adorable ring with the texture of crocodile skin will look elegant with evening wear or with casual clothing. The ring is perfect for both men and women. Read More »

Poison Ring with a Large Central Topaz

This ring is like from some old novel. Jewelry piece is full of mysteries and surprises. Large topaz hides a stash that can be opened with special key. The entire surface of the ring is covered with engravings and each of the four clamps holding the large topaz is decorated with a sapphire (on request sapphires can be replaced by diamonds).

Gold Poison Ring with a Large Central Topaz

Ring is completely handmade including the lock mechanism. Little cache size is approximately 12mm wide x 12mm deep x 18mm. Key for a cache of about 23 mm long and comes on a 50cm chain. Ring can be made of solid gold or solid sterling silver. Read More »

NBA Diamond Jewelry by Gameplan

Gameplan Jewelry offers new exclusive collection of jewelry that is devoted to the National Basketball Association of the United States. Jewelry pieces are designed for both men and women. Main feature of unique jewelry collection is popular symbols and logos of NBA and its teams. Masterpieces are made of gold and diamonds.

Official NBA Logoman Neckpiece, pendant by Gameplan

For all NBA teams Gameplan Jewelry made a number of different pendants with different design and precious materials. At the time of writing the article some of the teams was only with one pendant, it is only because other pendants were under development. The price of stunning NBA jewelry pendants will dependent on the design and materials. Read More »

Opus Eleven – Breathtaking Timepieces from Harry Winston

A few days ago Harry Winston has presented Opus Eleven. Watches produced in limited edition, only one hundred and eleven copies. The model developed with Denis Giguet (founder and owner of Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps).

Opus Eleven by Harry Winston developed with Denis Giguet

Unique model designed from a three intersecting cylinders that covered with the sapphire crystal. The largest one shows the hour. The second one has two disks that showing a minute, a jumping disk for the tens and a running disk for the units. The third one shows how works the large titanium balance wheel. Unusual movements of the items on display can hypnotize with its beauty. Case made from white gold. Through the transparent back cover you can see the mechanism consisting of 566 components and 155 jewels. Opus Eleven is mechanical movement with manual winding. Read More »

Jewelry that helps to assist Japan

The earthquake that happened near the coast of Japan and its effects are a huge tragedy. The world community tries to help and assist. Some commercial companies also revealed a desire to participate in helping Japan. Satya Jewelry is among these organizations.

Love And Grounding Bracelet

Satya Foundation is sending $5000 to the American Red Cross. And offer to customers four limited edition jewelry pieces. 50% of the sale price of these masterpieces will be added to Satya Foundation donation to the American Red Cross. Two of them are necklaces and other two are bracelets each of them with pendant. Two pendants are made in the shape of a heart on the other two carrying the swirling Sanskrit word for love. All components of pendants are made with 24K gold vermeil over sterling silver. Maybe by buying one of these necklaces you will bring joy not only to yourself. Read More »

The most expensive pacifier in the world

What is the most expensive in this life? Of course, it is children. Buying expensive jewelry for themselves, adults completely forget about the fact that with the same toys they can amaze their child. Now even the youngest person can dive into the world of luxury and wealth. Note that this is the most expensive pacifier in the world.

The most expensive diamond pacifier in the world

Diamond pacifier is made of 14-carat white gold and encrusted with 278 diamonds totaling 3 carats. This Diamond Pacifier has genuine silicone nipple and a moving handle so it has no different from the real pacifier. Jewelry pacifier can be customized by various colors of diamonds and according to the customer it can engraved with child’s name, initials or date of birth. Read More »

New Collection of Wedding Bands by Polello

Italian jewelry brand Polello, long time is the undisputed leader in the wedding rings production, presented its new luxury collection called Eternity 2011. Crafting this collection of wedding rings, Italian designers have used gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious materials as a result – wedding rings have complex design but look adorable.

Eternity 2011 Wedding Bands by Polello

Fans of exclusive style and superior quality will appreciate the new collection of wedding rings. The collection is oriented to young and energetic people who are go with the times. Rings from gold and platinum encrusted with diamonds and supplemented by details of palladium. This makes it possible to get extraordinary color scheme. Adorable wedding bands by Polello have very sophisticated design that allows them perfectly highlight the strength of your union. Read More »