11 jewelry gift for a Valentine’s Day from Maria Apostolou

St. Valentine’s Day of the Year 2012. Does anyone still believe in doomsday in 2012? Then it may be the last day of St. Valentine. Of course, this is a joke. Anyway it’s time to think about gifts. Create Jewelry offers an interesting solution decorated with hearts.

Sterling silver, pigmented resin

Maria Apostolou is a jewelry designer and metalsmith from Chalkida, Greece. Her work can be described as a continuous search for beauty and simplicity. Beauty can be transient or hidden in the mundane. Sometimes it’s in the little details, in a delicate leaf or even in the decay. Love is a complicated thing. But sometimes it can be expressed through the beauty.

Brass, sterling silver
Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, pearls, rubies, turquoise
Sterling silver, copper, vitreous enamel
Enameled copper, sterling silver
Sterling silver, copper, vitreous enamel
Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, labradorite, citrine
Gold plated sterling silver, waxed linen cord
Gold plated sterling silver, blue embroidery thread
Sterling silver (gold plated)
Sterling silver, pearls, carnelian, amethyst

VIA: Create Jewelry.

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4 Comments to “11 jewelry gift for a Valentine’s Day from Maria Apostolou”
  1. Haydee says:

    Hello, how can I buy online some jewelry? Thank you

  2. Maria Apostolou says:

    Hello Haydee,
    thank you for being interested in my work. You can visit my website (www.createjewelry.gr) and e-mail me at [email protected] for more details on purchasing my work. Thank you!

  3. carl campa says:

    looking for 500 peices small heart with string i saw it on your web site rush shipping to nyc thanks carl

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